Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Happy Easter 2012!

Happy Easter! We got so spoiled with a beautiful, warm sunday! All the kids looked so nice in pink and spring colors! We missed having Julia home with us but she sent me an "Easter" picture in her sunday dress with a few of her friends. She looked cute and tan!
We had a wonderful Sunday church service and a relaxing day as a family, including Aaron. He did not have many sunday obligations :). We had a nice dinner and then the older children hid easter eggs in the backyard for Jack and Sophie. Jack was so excited to participate in this! He talked about it all week and quickly gathered as many eggs as his basket could hold. Sophie was intrigued by the whole affair. She would follow Tristan around and pick up eggs and then walk over to her basket and put them in. She would occasionally check her basket to make sure the eggs were there. They were both so fun to watch!
This Easter was especially difficult and comforting. A year ago was the last time my Dad was in our home and I had so many emotional moments on Sunday. I am so grateful for the knowledge that I have that this earthly journey is not the end. I know that Jesus Christ was resurrected that we too can be resurrected and if we live righteously we will be with our loved ones who have passed beyond the veil. I know God is our Eternal Father in Heaven and that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and willingly overcame death so we might live again. I know I will see my Father again and I look forward to the joyful day! :)


  1. I love the kids' pictures. I look forward to seeing Dad again and being together as family. This has been the hardest 11 months to endure and get through and it isn't over yet. The family is in my prayers and thoughts every minute of every day and night that we can all be comforted and find peace and know that Dad is watching and protecting and helping us through our trials and tribulations to the best of his present abilities just as he did when he was here among us. 54 years of being together is a long time to now know how to be alone. Love you all - I need to try harder.

  2. LOVE, LOVE the pink!! Beautiful kids and beautiful words, I love them!