Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Halloween this year came and went! I was on top of the costumes! A few months ago I was talking to my sister, Dore', and we discussed Halloween costumes and she mentioned the M&M idea. I loved it and I accomplished it! These were the EASIEST costumes to make and they were so inexpensive. I spent a total of $3.30 per costume. So, under 20 bucks for 5 costumes. That is a bargain in my mind, considering I have spent a couple hundred in the past on poor quality costumes.
This was so fun to see all my M&M's. Ok, not all. Julia decided against it and Alexis had decided to not dress up until Halloween Eve. Aren't mothers always running around finding or sewing something for Halloween up until everyone walks out the door? This is the story in our house.
Jack wasn't quite sure what was going on. He did not want to try on his costume all week but when the big day came and he saw his brothers getting dressed up he immediately wanted to join the crowd. He looked so cute! At the annual Fox Ridge neighborhood halloween party Jack was very timid about all the masks and people in costume. After we all had some soup and the rain clouds began doing their thing we all went out for the evening. AJ and Austin hooked up with a bunch of friends, Tristan went with Drew and his family, Alexis and her friends hung out at our house and then went out when the rain subsided, Julia stayed indoors and passed out candy (ok, maybe once she stopped Monk to get to the door!), and Aaron and I drove Jack around to a few houses in the neighborhood. He was so cute holding his little pumpkin bag and going to each door. We visited the Browns, Sis. Miller, Sis. Clark and Sis. Neilsen. He was thrilled when they each handed him a piece of candy to put in his bag. Even after 4 houses Jack and I were wet. It was raining pretty hard at times. Everyone had a spooktacular night!


  1. How fun is this? I had no idea you started a blog. :) You guys are so cute. I really, really love the m&m costumes. They turned out so cute! Just think, next year you can have a PINK m&m too! YAY!!! So excited for the Bishop family!

  2. I see Alexis in an M & M costume - did you make hers the afternoon of the festivities?? The Kehs and the Bishops and Ashley need to get together and all wear their M & M's!! How fun