Monday, September 20, 2010

Broken arm and Eggs! All within a 24 hour period!

Jack broke his left wrist! The poor little guy had to sit with me all day on Sunday until we could get into the doctor on Monday morning. He screamed while taking x-rays because another nurse had to hold him due to my being pregnant. He did not like this at all. I felt so bad for him. He was very interested when the nurse put the cast on. He is so cute. He keeps looking at it and moving his arm up and down. I think in a few days he will be so tired of having it on his arm.

Sunday night at 12:45 am (technically Monday morning), I was lying in bed, wide awake when I heard a car pull up, something hitting our house and then the car sped away. Well, needless to say someone decided to egg our house. I, of course, had the pleasure of cleaning it up. I wish I had a hidden security camera just to shock the heck out of whoever did this! Pay back as an adult... that would be funny!:)

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