Tuesday, April 13, 2010

"What flavor of ice cream are you?"

Last week I took all the children to Salt Lake City to watch the Joseph Smith, Prophet of the Restoration movie at Temple Square. We had all seen it before but I wanted the boys in primary to see it again as the theme this month is on Joseph Smith. We all really enjoyed it, even Jack sat still the entire movie. I think the gigantic screen helped!:) We then walked around Temple Square for a minute before heading back to Logan. It was very relaxing.

On the way home I told the children I would stop and get them some ice cream. I decided to take them to Farr in Ogden. It is the original Farr ice cream shop. Tristan picked a flavor called "Playdough". It was different shades of blue, pink, yellows, red, green, and orange. I felt like I could have jumped into the ice cream and been a child again. It was fun to see Tristan indulge in the fruity blend of flavors and colors. Julia then made the comment that if she could be an ice cream flavor she would be "playdough". Alexis, AJ, Austin, and Tristan then proceeded to tell everyone what flavor they would be. AJ would want to be "peppermint stick", Austin would want to be "chocolate marshmallow", and Alexis and Tristan both said they would want to be "playdough". It was a great day!


  1. I posted earlier but I don't see it. Hum.. I think I would have to say Rocky Road - anything that is NUTTTY! I'm loving your blog! I miss seeing you each week.